Traditional Knowledge

Offering documentation of cultural and ecological values associated with the land through both interviews and field studies.

Priority is given to documentation on the land (in the field) and in the land user’s mother tongue, using local assistants. I feel it is important to work as much as possible from the frame of reference of the knowledge holder, taking guidance from those who hold the knowledge. Examples of past projects are:

Surveys can also be important way of documenting knowledge of the land in simplified ways that allow for comparison with other places. An example of past work in which i developed and implemented a survey of local land use is Non-Timber Forest Enjoyment in the Lake Abitibi Model Forest, prepared for the Lake Abitibi Model Forest, Ontario.

Geo-referenced data is archived in a digital data base that can be used for analysis and GIS values mapping. Training can be provided for community researchers to work on interviewing, field work, database creation and maintenance.

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