Seeking Common Ground for a Sustainable Future in the Kenora Region: The Common Ground Research Forum
(Provisional title). In layout and expected to be available in late 2015.

The Common Ground Research Forum is a consortium of researchers from the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg, municipal and First Nations leaders, and local community organizations. Between 2009 and 2014 the consortium conducted collaborative research to better understand and support cross-cultural collaboration and social learning in the Kenora region, including shared governance of the lands and waters. This book summarizes the results of 16 community-led projects and 10 graduate student projects (theses).

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Pikangikum Cultural Landscape Documentation Guide
Iain Davidson-Hunt and R. Michael O’Flaherty, with contributions from Janene Shearer, Catie Burlando, Andrew Chapeskie, Nathan Deutsch, Oliver Hill, Andrew Miller, Paddy Peters, Michael R. Sanders, Whitefeather Forest Elders Steering Group. 2010. Winnipeg, Manitoba: Aboriginal Issues Press, University of Manitoba.

The purpose of this guide is to outline a field survey approach to documenting natural and cultural features in the traditional land use area of Pikangikum First Nation in a manner that supports the vision of the Whitefeather Forest Research Cooperative agreement. The approach outlined here has been chosen because it allows researchers to produce documentation results that are linked to GPS data and can be used for a variety of planning purposes that involve Pikangikum people, and in particular in planning for the Whitefeather Forest and Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.