Professional writing in technical and plain language formats.

  • Land Use Planning Applications
    From a social science background, i am able to bring community-based perspectives into documents that can be understood by decision-makers at broader scales and therefore support land use planning activities. Detailed project reports communicate research results to a broad audience. Samples can be found under Reports.
  • Academic Writing
    I maintain an interest in contributing to the academic literature from a social science, inter-disciplinary perspective. Samples can be found under Books, Articles and Forthcoming articles.
  • Plain-Language Writing
    As a ghost writer, i have produced research-based articles on a variety of subjects (see menu item “Popular Writing“) and a book (see an excerpt from the final manuscript).
  • Web-Based Contributions
    Plain-language discussions on social and academic issues. At present, i am gathering this writing under blog posts on this site; check under the categories cultural landscapes and nature. I also have posts related to gardening on a another site i maintain: Oakvale Green Community Gardens
  • Proposal Development
    Offering effective proposal writing to academic, government and foundation sources.

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