Papers & Articles in Production

  • “The Role of Research in Support of Enterprise Development and Cultural Continuity in the Whitefeather Forest Initiative”. Iain Davidson-Hunt & Michael O’Flaherty, Catie Burlando & Andrew Miller

    An introduction to a collection of papers on research done with Pikangikum First Nation in support of the Whitefeather Forest Initiative. Contributors include graduate students at the University of Manitoba (Davidson-Hunt’s Laboratory for Community-based Cultural Landscape Planning), researchers working directly for the Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation, and faculty from universities within the Whitefeather Forest Research Cooperative. The volume will illustrate how Pikangikum First Nation is carving out a new role for itself in natural resource development while maintaining their unique and evolving relationship to the land.

  • “The Caribou has Knowledge: The Pikangikum Moral Universe and Woodland Caribou Conservation in the Whitefeather Forest”. Michael O’Flaherty, Iain Davidson-Hunt & Micheline Manseau.

    Pikangikum people have a unique and important understanding of woodland caribou conservation: woodland caribou are seen as sentient beings acting within the same moral universe as people; they are not merely “game animals” that provide sustenance. Pikangikum elders describe their responsibility for not interfering with Creation, which includes accepting the gift of food through hunting as well as not limiting the range of choices the caribou need to continue their own way of life. Efforts to integrate TEK in (wildlife) research and management need to address these more complex ethical perspectives rather than merely having people identify “critical” habitat (e.g., calving sites, travel routes, refuge areas). Effective stewardship will engage Pikangikum people in maintaining culturally appropriate relationships with caribou, people, and Creation.

  • “Non-Timber Forest Products and Community-based Economic Development in Canada: Supporting Forest-Based NTFP Enterprise Opportunities”. R.M. O’Flaherty and Iain J. Davidson-Hunt.

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