Updating Canada’s World Heritage Tentative List

This project was initiated by the Parks Canada Agency, which manages most of Canada’s World Heritage sites and represents Canada, as a State Party to the World Heritage Convention, on the World Heritage Committee. Parks Canada periodically updates the Tentative List of sites that have good potential to be nominated as World Heritage Sites and has recently invited the public to submit applications for inclusion on Canada’s Tentative List:

For this project i developed a detailed, analytical report on World Heritage requirements and processes as they specifically relate to indigenous heritage in Canada. The report identifies which aspects of indigenous heritage in Canada (identified through seven indigenous heritage themes) have the greatest likelihood of success in developing an application to Canada’s Tentative List. This assessment of potential opportunities is based on an analysis of World Heritage criteria and their application, and on a review of indigenous heritage already inscribed on the World Heritage list in the Americas (with some attention to Australia and New Zealand as well). A glossary of World Heritage terms is provided with plain-language explanations of their usage in World Heritage processes.

The report was commissioned to help Parks Canada improve the readiness of indigenous peoples and their partners to develop Tentative List applications. This report is useful to anyone developing a Tentative List application or full World Heritage nomination that involves indigenous heritage and/or indigenous peoples.

The full report — Updating Canada’s Tentative List: Environmental Scan of Indigenous Heritage, 61pp. — can be requested from Parks Canada. A Table of Contents is available here.
* Update (September 12, 2018): you can now get the full report here.

A 14-page, summary document for public distribution is available here: Indigenous Heritage Applications to Canada’s World Heritage Tentative List and on the Parks Canada website, along with reports (“environmental scans”) on natural heritage and non-indigenous cultural heritage (http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/progs/spm-whs/sec06/c.aspx).

Le report sommaire est aussi disponible en Francais: Proposition de lieux du patrimoine autochtone à ajouter à la liste indicative du patrimoine mondial au Canada

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